Lihua kitchen cleaning wipes, it's just different


The Lihua brand was born in Anhui Province, China, and is affiliated with Chizhou Lihua Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. It is a brand that mainly serves the young people. To meet the needs of consumers for kitchen cleaning, Lihua Kitchen Cleaning Wipes have recently been cleaning wipes

Although this is a young brand, it always has the mission of "allowing every young person to enjoy the ultimate clean and healthy new life". After continuous exploration and research, the Lihua Kitchen Cleaning Wet Wipe has been developed, like many other "fabrics", and has received high praise from consumers.

Lihua Kitchen Cleaning Wipes have been researching antibacterial materials since the 1990s. The R&D team has gathered multiple national level distinguished professors and experts, as well as dozens of high-end scientific research talents. Its technical research and development level has reached the international leading level. Talents have injected a continuous stream of technological momentum into the Lihua brand and provided quality assurance for the development of Lihua kitchen cleaning wipes.

In order to improve the cleaning effect of kitchen wipes, Lihua has added APG natural stain removal factor to the cleaning formula. APG is a non-ionic surfactant synthesized from renewable plants, which belongs to natural, mild, and green products. It is known as a new generation of non-ionic "green" surfactants, which can effectively disperse and resolve oil pollution, and has super strong oil removal ability. The problem of kitchen oil stains can be solved with a cloth, which saves time, effort, and worry.

At the same time, the Lihua kitchen wipes have also been thickened and designed with pearl patterns. Compared with traditional cleaning wipes, Lihua kitchen cleaning wipes have longer length, larger coverage area, strong tensile strength, and are easy to use with a textured feel. The pearl cloth pattern increases friction and can effectively improve the cleaning effect. No need to exert force, it can be wiped clean with just one wipe, removing stains without residue.

Lihua, listening is the voice of consumers. The most concerning aspect of kitchen cleaning products is hygiene and health issues. The Lihua brand continues to increase research and development investment, with a focus on addressing hygiene issues. Lihua kitchen wipes are filtered with 7-fold RO pure water, layer by layer with a purity level of drinking water. They do not contain alcohol, fluorescent agents, or formaldehyde, and meet national standards for hygiene.

The wet wipes also contain natural tea polyphenols, which can effectively remove oil stains and odors, clean and inhibit bacteria. The wiped kitchen has a faint fragrance, refreshing the heart and soul. Use one piece at a time, no need to use it repeatedly like a cloth, dispose of it as needed, clean and hygienic. For the convenience of people with sensitive skin, Lihua Kitchen Cleansing Wipes use a non sensitive formula, which is gentle and does not harm hands, ensuring safe and reliable use.

Lihua kitchen cleaning wipes are like cleaning a kitchen cloth!

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