Exploration of Sustainable Action

Exploration of Sustainable Action

We are dedicated to drive the sustainability agenda within our industry. It is deeply embedded in our DNA and a fundamental part of developing the business. We have a global setup close to our customers, with state-of-the art technologies and modern production facilities making superior high-performance materials and consistently reducing our carbon footprint. We protect the environment by incorporating sustainable practices across our business and communities
We invest significantly in our global manufacturing platforms to increase capabilities and capacities. We offer new and next level sustainable product properties, empowering our customers to create high-performance and sustainable solutions that improve the quality of life.

Is committed to improving the livability of our world in the present and for the future. We support and develop initiatives to foster sustainability, promote product stewardship, and improve the health of communities and the environment.

  • Natural, Sustainable and Recyclable

    Designing your products to have the least impact upon the environment with a wide range of green options including materials made from post-consumer recycled plastic bottles, FSC/PEFC cellulose or viscose, PLA and organic cotton.

  • Spunlaced non-woven

    Based on the principle of paying attention to customer’s needs and improving the comprehensive, we can develop and produce various spunlace non-woven fabrics for special purchase according to the needs of users at home and abroad.

  • Outstanding Research and Development Capabilities

    We specialize in the production and development of high-quality spunlace non-woven fabric made of such raw material as 100% viscose fiber, 100% bamboo fiber, PLA, tencel fiber, etc.

  • Social Responsibility and Environmental Protection

    Our company is committed to environmental protection in a variety of aspects. In the future, we promise to care for local residents and follow the guidance of the government, thus making a greater difference.

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