What's the difference between Shammy Cloth and Chamois Towel?


In daily life, we may see "shammy cloth" and "chamois towel", but what are the differences between them?

A "shammy cloth" and a "chamois towel" both refer to absorbent cloths that are commonly used for drying off surfaces, especially after washing cars, windows, or boats. Here's how the terms relate:

chamois towel

1. Chamois Towel: This term usually refers to either a genuine chamois, which is made from the processed skin of the European chamois or an imitation chamois towel made from synthetic materials. The genuine chamois towel has excellent water-absorbing properties due to its porous nature, and it doesn't scratch or leave streaks on surfaces. Synthetic chamois towels mimic these qualities but are vegan-friendly and tend to be more durable and easy to maintain.


2. Shammy Cloth: Similarly, a shammy cloth is generally a synthetic product designed to emulate the performance of a natural chamois. It's made from materials such as PVA, microfiber, or other synthetics that can hold large amounts of water and effectively dry surfaces without causing damage. Shammy cloths are reusable, machine washable, and often less expensive than genuine chamois leather.


In practical use, both "shammy cloth" and "chamois towel" are likely to be referring to synthetic products unless explicitly stated otherwise. These cloths/towels are widely used because of their high absorbency, softness, and effectiveness in drying without leaving marks or residue.


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