Application fields of spunlace non-woven fabric


Spunlaced non-woven fabric has a wide range of applications in multiple fields due to its unique performance and processing technology. The following are its main application areas:

medical hygiene

Medical dressings, such as disposable surgical dressings, disinfectant wipes, wound dressings, soluble hemostatic gauze, medication patches, etc.

Health protection equipment, including masks, protective clothing, surgical gowns, surgical caps, surgical curtains, isolation suits, etc.

Personal care products, such as sanitary pads, pads, diapers, baby care products, band aids, ointments, etc.

Medical equipment auxiliary materials, such as surgical hole towels, gauze balls, suction pads, etc.

Clothing and Decoration:

Clothing lining and lining, used to enhance clothing structure and comfort.

Coating substrate, suitable for materials that require further processing.

Advanced wiping cloth, used for cleaning precision instruments and the electronics industry.

Personal accessories, such as cotton pads, wet wipes, towels, etc.

Household items:

Home decoration materials, such as wallpaper, tablecloth, bed sheets, and bed covers.

Cleaning supplies, such as rags, wipes, etc., are used for daily cleaning and maintenance.

Industrial filtration and protection:

Filter materials, such as insulation and sound insulation materials, oil suction felt, smoke filter nozzle, tea bag bags, etc.

Industrial wiping cloth, suitable for cleaning needs in various industrial environments.


Crop protective coverings, such as nursery cloth, irrigation cloth, and insulation curtains, promote crop growth.

Non woven fabrics for agriculture, used for soil moisture retention and weed control.

Beauty care:

All kinds of beauty products, such as makeup removal cotton, facial mask substrate, etc.

Special materials:

High functional fiber products, such as composite materials reinforced with carbon fiber and metal fiber, are used for specific high-performance applications.

Due to its softness, strong toughness, high moisture absorption, and good breathability, Lihua spunlace non-woven fabric has shown extremely high applicability and functionality in the above-mentioned fields, and is one of the indispensable materials in modern life.

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