Advantages of Lihua compressed towels


Compressed towels, also known as microfilm towels, are a brand new product. Reduce its volume by 80% to 90%, expand when in use with water, and remain intact.

This not only greatly facilitates transportation, carrying, and storage, but also endows towels with new functions such as appreciation, gift giving, collection, gift giving, hygiene and disease prevention, giving new vitality to the original towel and improving the product grade. After trial production and launch on the market, the product was warmly welcomed by the majority of consumers.

Due to its advantages of convenient portability, small and exquisite size, novelty and uniqueness, cleanliness and hygiene, disease prevention and treatment, and a wide variety of products, this product will become a must-have and high-quality product for people traveling and business trips. In high-end hotels, saunas, public baths, hospitals, and other places, compressed towels can eliminate people's concerns about towel hygiene. Compressed towels can also be given as small gifts, and by printing the company address, business scope, scenic spots, etc. on the product, it can be used as a beautiful, stylish, and unique souvenir. Suitable for use by hotels, airlines, insurance companies, transportation departments, enterprises, and various tourism companies. Even as a factory distributing labor protection equipment, compressed towels will still outperform regular towels due to their advantages such as convenient carrying, easy to remember, simple distribution, and novel products.

In people's daily lives, compressed towels also have broad development prospects. Compressed towels can be designed into various shapes and patterns, which are innovative and will inevitably arouse people's curiosity, thereby arousing their desire to purchase. Furthermore, the compressed towel uses ultraviolet disinfection and sterilization, and the outer shell adopts advanced PVC packaging technology to prevent direct contact with air, effectively avoiding product pollution. People can purchase and use it with confidence. Nowadays, people's requirements for products are becoming increasingly high, gradually shifting from a single use function to a multifunctional and high-end direction. The introduction of compressed towels precisely caters to this development trend, and its market prospects are imaginable.

Portability: Due to the fact that compressed towels can be compressed into smaller sizes, they can easily fit into pockets, backpacks, or handbags, making them ideal for travel or outdoor activities.

Safety and Health: Disposable items, disinfected and sterilized by ultraviolet radiation, with advanced PVC packaging technology for the outer shell, preventing direct contact with air, effectively avoiding product pollution, environmental protection, and pollution-free.

Economical and affordable: Compressed towels can be reused, and are inexpensive and cost-effective.

Diversity: Compressed towels can be designed into various shapes and patterns to meet the needs of different groups of people.

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