You don't know the characteristics of washable wet toilet paper


Wet toilet paper has now entered the homes of ordinary people. Compared to traditional wipes and toilet paper, what are the advantages?

1. Can be directly rinsed off: Compared to traditional paper towels, wet toilet paper has a higher fiber density and can better adsorb sewage.

2. More environmentally friendly choices: Compared to traditional toilet paper, using wet toilet paper can reduce the consumption of tree resources and is an environmentally friendly choice.

3. More convenient to use: Compared to traditional portable toilet paper, wet toilet paper does not need to be folded or opened, and can be used directly.

4. Suitable for various occasions: In addition to the restroom, wet toilet paper can also be used to clean furniture, floors, and other difficult to wipe surfaces.

5. Better cleaning effect: Because the wet state makes it easier for wet toilet paper to adsorb dirt and dirt, its cleaning effect is much better than ordinary paper towels.

It should be noted that different brands may have different characteristics. Before purchasing, you should carefully review the product introduction and instructions to ensure that you buy a product that suits your needs.


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