Industrial wipes for machine oil pollution


When dealing with machine oil stains, using industrial wipes is a common and effective method. Industrial wipes, especially oil absorbing paper or oil absorbing paper designed to absorb oil and other liquids, is a very suitable material for cleaning machine oil stains. This type of paper has the following characteristics:

High oil absorption: Oil absorbing paper can quickly absorb and lock in oil stains, while its ability to absorb water is weak, which means they can still effectively absorb oil in environments with water present.

Strong toughness: Compared with ordinary paper, industrial paper is more sturdy and durable, not easily damaged, and even leaves no paper scraps during the wiping process.

Reusability: Some types of oil absorbing paper can be reused after being squeezed to remove oil stains until fully saturated, which helps reduce waste and cost.

Easy to handle: After use, the oil is locked inside the paper, making it more convenient and safe to handle these wastes, reducing the risk of environmental pollution.

Widely applicable: suitable for cleaning oil leaks in various machinery and equipment, treating oil stains on workshop floors, and cleaning hands during maintenance work.

When selecting suitable industrial wipes, factors such as paper thickness, oil absorption speed, absorption capacity, and ease of disposal can be considered according to specific needs. There are various brands and specifications of products on the market, such as oil felt, oil absorbent cotton strips, oil absorbent pads, etc., which are all good choices for treating machine oil stains. Proper use of these products can not only maintain a clean working environment, but also improve work efficiency and ensure work safety.

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