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In today's society, non-woven fabrics, as an important industrial material, are widely used in various fields. The Lihua non-woven fabric factory is located in the Yangtze River basin of China, with many years of experience in non-woven fabric production. Since its establishment, Lihua has always been committed to innovation and development, becoming a leading enterprise in the international non-woven fabric industry. The factory continues to expand in scale, with hundreds of employees and products exported to over 140 countries and regions worldwide.

The products of Lihua non-woven fabrics have various characteristics and advantages. Firstly, the product has a wide range of uses, such as household products, medical protection, packaging materials, etc; Secondly, the product has a lightweight, soft texture and comfortable touch; Finally, the product is rich in color and can be customized according to customer needs. With these advantages, Lihua non-woven fabric factory has gained high competitiveness in the market.

Since its establishment, Lihua non-woven fabric factory has always adhered to the concept of "quality first, service first". Positioned as a high-end non-woven fabric manufacturer, focusing on product quality and R&D innovation. At the same time, Lihua is actively expanding its market and participating in multiple industry exhibitions both domestically and internationally to enhance brand awareness. Provide higher quality products and services to global customers.


In addition, Lihua will closely monitor industry trends and actively respond to market changes. Continuously strengthen communication and cooperation with domestic and foreign peers, and jointly promote the innovation and development of non-woven fabric technology. At the same time, we focus on talent cultivation and team building to provide strong talent support for the sustainable development of the enterprise. To provide high-quality non-woven fabric products to global .

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